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Tips for buying your first pair of pointe shoes

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Every little ballerina dreams of the day she will get her first pair of pointe shoes, and lucky us! We get to share that day with every dancer who comes into the store for their first fitting. Here are our tips for getting the most out of the experience.

Tips for your first pointe shoe fitting

1. Get the all clear. Your dance teacher will be keeping an eye on your development as a dancer, and will more than likely send you for a pre-pointe assessment with a physiotherapist prior to your first pointe shoe fitting. If your dance teacher hasn't recommended a particular physiotherapist, you might like to contact one of our preferred dance physios: Nicole Baer at Zone 34 Bring the results of your assessment and a letter from your dance teacher (if they provided one) with you for your first pointe shoe fitting

2. Book your appointment Pointe shoe fitting needs time and shouldn’t be rushed, especially when it’s your first pair of pointe shoes. You should allow about an hour and a quarter for your fitting, and you can book in here.

3. Wear comfortable clothing It’s a good idea if you can wear convertible tights for your fitting, and clothes that allow you to move freely. You will be asked to do a few exercises as the bar so that Penny can see how your feet work within each type of shoe. And make sure you wear an outfit you like in case you want to snap a few photos of your first pointe shoe fitting for Instagram. (You can tag us @akadancewear.)

4. Prepare your feet Clip your toenails short and round, and cover any blisters or sores you may have on your feet.

5. Ask questions Your first fitting is a great time to ask questions about how a well-fitted pair of pointe shoes should look and feel. Penny has experience as a professional ballerina, a dance teacher and examiner, and is a specialist in pointe shoe fitting. She will be more than happy to answer your questions.

And when you come back for you next pair of pointe shoes:

6. Bring your current pointe shoes When you come back for your next pair of pointe shoes, please bring your current ones with you, whether they’ve been fitted by us or not. We can learn a lot from how your current shoes have worn, and Penny will have a lot of questions for you about how they’re working for you. Also bring along any gels, pouches or other padding you might be using inside your shoes.

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